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Hi there I'm Lannon and I....

It's quite simple...

I love what I do and take pride in my work.  I started fiddling with online design and code more than  11 years  ago. At the time I was studying electronics, but later persued a career in design instead. From print design to flash aplications - these days my weapons of choice are  Photoshop , Illustrator & Netbeans.   I code by hand;  HTML, CSS & jQuery (javascript).   Wordpress is my choice of  CMS  to build custom templates for using  PHP .

A peek at my latest work?

A peek at my latest work?

Of course, this website itself is a good example of my work too Everything seen here was designed and hand-coded by me using photoshop for pixel design; HTML5 CSS3 javascript and PHP for coding and frameworks used are jQuery Less and Bootstrap.


This website was designed to be completely responsive; from a 1200px wide centred container right down to the Iphone screen width.